The areas of Copenhagen - a brief introduction of the areas in which we provide quality homes...


The part of Copenhagen defined as the City area spans over a large area – from the Town Hall square to the Royal Palace, Amalienborg. The area consists of the world’s longest pedestrian street packed with shops, restaurants, take-away shops etc. starting from The town Hall square to Nyhavn which is world famous for its outdoor classic Danish restaurants during the summer.

Frederiksstaden is another part of City which houses the royal family (The Royal Palace) and exclusive apartments in a business environment with an international atmosphere. Around the square Kongens Nytorv you will find The Royal Theatre, five star hotels, top French cuisine restaurants, chic bars and nightclubs. The City area has a lot of green parks and relaxing sites and offer many impressive historic architectural buildings.

The City area is an ideal place to live in - if you wish to live in a busy environment with an international touch and a posh atmosphere.

Østerbro is a very popular residential area of Copenhagen. Many families with children choose to live here; you will find parks, small squares where you can enjoy a cup of coffee in one of the many cafes. The lakes almost invite you to take an evening stroll. The two main shopping streets is Nordre Frihavnsgade and Østerbrogade but smaller streets constantly appears such as Willemosegade with new exiting shops, this is a part of the charm of Østerbro. The area around Classensgade and Kristianiagade houses many diplomatic representations along with the famous Langelinie quay and the harbour of Copenhagen.

Østerbro is the ideal place to live - if you wish to be close to the city centre – but prefer a local environment and green surroundings.

Frederiksberg is a local municipality in Copenhagen and offers a wide variety of residential accommodation. You will find a mix of old fine properties with luxury apartments, small town houses and exclusive villas. It is often referred to as “the upper-class of Copenhagen area” due to the many luxurious properties, the famous park Frederiksberg Have, fine boutiques, theatres, restaurants etc.

Frederiksberg is in every way a very residential area with a tranquil atmosphere, offering a lot of cultural activities - especially for families with kids. The effective public transportation system (metro, buses) secure that you can reach the Town Hall square in Copenhagen within minutes – but still have a feeling of peace and tranquillity in one of Copenhagen’s most desirable areas.

Frederiksberg is the ideal place to live - if you wish to live in a local community – and prefer a local environment and green surroundings.

In recent years Holmen, Islands Brygge and Christianshavn have become one of the absolutely trendy areas in Copenhagen. The area has gone through an extensive renovation and represents today an exciting mix of new high tech buildings and old houses that used to house the Royal Danish Navy personnel.

The three areas have their own unique charm but there is a common link; the unpretentious atmosphere, the cosy restaurants, the old traditional pubs mixed with Michelin restaurants, designer shops and trendy outdoor nightclubs.

This is an ideal area to live in - if you wish to live in historic surroundings close to Copenhagen harbour - with an unpretentious atmosphere.

Hellerup is a very chic Copenhagen suburb situated just north of Copenhagen along the coast line. Here you will find beautiful villas, green areas and parks, a small harbour, a nice beach, International schools etc. Furthermore Hellerup offers one of the most exclusive shopping streets in Denmark – Strandvejen – with designer shops, various trendy restaurants, beauty shops, shoe stores etc.

Hellerup is the ideal area for your temporary home - if you wish to be close to Copenhagen – but want the chic residential and cosy atmosphere.

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